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“VICTORY produces positivity & providence through practicing in the precious present!”
(MJ Bishop, MD, Victory Founder)
Thank You !
 COMMENTS from the Members of Victory Support Group
I feel blessed. It is a gift! I feel fortunate and grateful to be in the Victory group! It is a break from the pain and suffering. I love the creative outlet. Victory shows positive ways to increase our joy every day! I always leave with more energy than I had when I came in. I learn that is never too late to play. My experience with the victory group is to gather with intelligent people, who have a shared experience of loss. Then I learn, through the process of art and activity, a means to rewrite the way I view myself.  I’m always happiest when I’m around other people expressing themselves. This group is a vacation from the pain! I always feel better when I leave than when I came in! I’ve been to many support groups, and this is the most amazing one I’ve ever been at!