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“VICTORY produces positivity & providence through practicing in the precious present!”
(MJ Bishop, MD, Victory Founder)


Thank You !
GROUP POETRY VSG members create uplifting poems using a  party-game inspired method to combine the words of each participant. Each person writes a few lines and folds the paper so that the next person only sees the last line written. At the end of the session the paper is unfolded as part of the empowering finale. These poems open the inner voice and speak from the soul. We Share Our Poems to Uplift and Inspire You! An Attitude of Gratitude An attitude of gratitude                 Can help me every day. It lights my heart with sunshine And helps me find my way. Whenever I might stray from the light, I know that those around me will Hold the candle to show me the way. The light fills each of us as we share Each other’s joys and sorrows. Finding who you really are, And not what someone says you are. You really are what you want to be. And go where you want to go. Dance crazy to the music sounds And feel the joy and love that abounds! Hugs, kisses, friends and fun times, Taking each moment and creating rhymes! Rhymes and time will always be, Things which work to inspire me. 
I’m grateful for sunshine and grateful for rain.  Grateful to be with you all again! Grateful for this happy time with all of you tonight! Hope does for the mind, what chemo does for the body.  Without hope there is no purpose and All of us need purpose for everyday life.                                   © Curtis A. Victory Support Group Poem, Nov. 11th 2013   My Soul is a Snowflake, one of a kind On a cold snowy evening, it slowly drifts down To rest gently in Snowdrifts, held in Nature’s hands. It is sensitive to the cold all around, But in its vulnerability, its fragile state, It comes back to the peace and comfort that it will survive. Survival is God’s work and we trust in all the goodness in our life! Smiles, snow, laughing, joking so that there’s no strife! Warmth of the hearts brings pleasure and happiness to heart! Remembering Family & Old Friends & Neighbors, Snowflakes are unique and beautiful, just as each one of us has Something wonderful to share and a purpose to offer those around us. Each of my snowflakes embrace their individual specialness and Join in to become a beautiful part of the whole. Snowflakes are like people: Very unique!
Snowflakes are a promise of new beauty soon to come! Unique, beautiful, clean and cool, White and pure, Vibrant, moving, dynamic-can turn to ice or water! Magical lite that always make you feel like a child AGAIN, Making Life Glow like a Glistening STAR!!                                 © (2014) VSG, Anne Curtis, MS, RDT, CTSS, Victory Facilitator


Butterflies are all around: wings of hope, without a sound, Take your cares and let them fly- Find your wings to reach the sky! Wings bring freedom, and while flying, I feel the wind against my face. The sunshine warm on my skin, Breaking free-ready to soar! Fluttering about over fields of greens, Capturing the nectar of the buds, While flying over the lake shores. He was huffing and puffing On his long journey, But he knew his destination would be magical! To leave the chrysalis means to emerge to freedom Flying high in the sky where the view is grand! I react to the wind, though I am not in command,
The sun makes my wings sparkle! From one flower to the next I flitter, Nothing can take away the feeling Of freedom and love that I have while floating away in the air! The peace and joy of the simplicity of friends, old and new, To fly and flutter like the falling leaf, softly and quietly. © (2014) VSG, Anne Curtis, MS, RDT, CTSS, Victory Facilitator I look for JOY in every day, Favorite things will come my way! Like macaroni and cheese, and butterflies, Art, music and a really good book! Happiness comes from within And is shared, one to one. Being close to another heart Keeps me from falling apart; Gives me strength to open my eyes And look for JOY and find surprise! Surprise in every day, with everyone you are with, Making you stronger and stronger! As I climb to the top of the mountain, I look down at the small world below me And I take a deep breath of air filled with joy. And I say “I did it”, “I can get through anything,”
“I am the hero in more ways than one!”  Wait for: PART TWO SEQUEL FOR EVEN BETTER CONQUESTS! ©  Curtis, A Victory Support Group 6/24/13 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Shape from Illusions: Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder I see beauty in its own way, I shape my life as I see each day. As my artist hands swipe and push My feelings into deep words I say: “A smile reflects a happy heart!” So when you feel down and sad Pick the thought with a higher frequency- The thought of gratitude, love and thankfulness. Thank you God for the love you show me Through people, nature and you. I know I can trust in everything too! Change is going to come, ‘Cause Jesus is your friend every Day and night, to thank and Praise. Every day and night meet a new friend- One of the best things to have when in need!
A smile to brighten the day Is such a splash of sunshine, In our lives, in the Precious Present! © Victory Support Group. Creative Development/Facilitator, Anne Curtis 2/23/16 _________________________________________ Victory! Victory can come to me, whenever I choose to really see. I make footprints in the sand and feel the strength of a helping hand. Footprints alone, footprints together, walking along the journey of life; Holding one another up through the “Sand of Life.” Music and imagination, friendship to heal the soul; Smile at someone in a waiting room, put a rose in a vase by your bed. Know that Victory is in your heart, in your soul, not just your head! God in my soul, in my heart, heals my body. © 2013 by: Victory Support Group. (Facilitated by Curtis, A.  RDT, CTSS & Young, D., RN)