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“VICTORY produces positivity & providence through practicing in the precious present!”
(MJ Bishop, MD, Victory Founder)


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Victory Group Support develops and facilitates Victory, an expressive-arts and therapeutic humor  based support group for cancer patients, caregivers and family members.
Anne Curtis is a Drama Therapist/Healing Arts Specialist who  has brought interdisciplinary arts, creative imagination and  humor to patients and families in area hospitals, hospice,  retirement homes and support groups for 25 years.   Anne heads research and development of VICTORY Support Group Sessions. Anne is a facilitator of this expressive- arts/therapeutic humor based support group for cancer patients, caregivers and family members.   Currently Anne works with Florida Hospital’s Parkinson’s Outreach Center providing innovative support through  Cheer>Up. This Drama Therapy based intervention was featured recently at the North American Drama Therapy  Association’s Conference and the World Parkinson’s Congress.   Anne Curtis creates stimulating HAPPY programs (Humor Arts Prescription for a Positive You) that provide energizing  sessions to uplift seniors.    Anne developed the Trauma Drama Model, an antidote to  trauma that harnesses the arts, metaphor and imagination to  promote healing. Author of Circles of Life: a Creative  Curriculum for Healing Traumatic Loss in Childhood, Anne  presents interactive lectures on healing arts, therapeutic humor and drama therapy for universities, community agencies,  hospitals nursing homes and conferences.  
Registered Drama Therapist MS Degree Interdisciplinary Arts Certified Trauma Services Specialist Bereavement Educator Healing Arts/Humor Specialist Actress, Lecturer/Presenter
Anne M. Curtis MS, RDT, CTSS: 
Dianne Young has spent the past15 years as a Healing Arts Specialist in Orlando area hospitals and healthcare facilities.  Dianne combines her clinical training with her artistic talents in order to help clients relax and reduce stress. Dianne focuses on the use of expressive arts as a diversionary technique.   As an RN, Dianne’s experience has been in the clinical areas of psychiatry and medical research with the National Institute of  Health. Dianne is co-founder of a local suicide support group.   Dianne Young provides educational demonstrations to the  Central Florida community. Through sharing painting and other creative arts, Dianne provides participants with insights into  how to use the arts to heal themselves in mind body and spirit.  Dianne is committed to painting as a therapeutic medium. Dianne’s paintings have achieved international attention and  can be found in private collections in the United States,New  Zealand & Italy.
 Registered Nurse   Visual Artist   Portrait Artist   Bereavement Educator   Healing Arts Specialist   Educator/Interactive Presenter
Dianne Young, RN