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“VICTORY produces positivity & providence through practicing in the precious present!”
(MJ Bishop, MD, Victory Founder)
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Our Visions

Our Vision Victory Support Group (VSG) was established by a core of HealthCare Professionals who knew first hand the benefits of incorporating healing arts into the other forms of medicine for patients, care providers and family members who are in the midst of life- changing illness and treatments. It is with that knowledge that we bring the commitment to those methods and their message back to the people who need it.  VSG entered in to fill the gap where traditional medicine and traditional care delivery were not enough. The struggle with life-changing disease affects, not just the patient, but also everyone they touch, as they travel the road of seeking diagnosis, treatment and healing. During our session, we stop being the sick one, or we forget that we have such an extensive to-do list that we might often feel crushed by our burdens. We can take the moment to recharge and heal ourselves.  For those 90 brief moments, our hearts fill with joy, our spirit is released, & our laughter is again music! We merge with other happy spirits and it is then that the presence of our creator is felt!   For years, hospitals studied and produced extensive research into the use of healing arts. The benefits were acknowledged and some hospitals included the use of drama, play, art, music, laughter and dance in their patient-care plans. The famous Dr. Patch Adams identified, and fought for, the use of these forms of therapy to assist sick patients during their hospitalization. The movement he founded took root and grew mighty trees of groups throughout the world. VSG is committed to bringing these proven complementary therapies, free of charge, to patients, family members and caregivers. We enter the group session initially as skeptics. Often we are tired, rushed, or unsure of what to expect! Within a short time we find ourselves less critic and more participant as we become engaged in the creative psycho-educational activities. By the end of the session we have recreated ourselves as joy-filled, soulful, lifted individuals who had fun!!   We don’t focus on the disease we focus on the person. What a magnificent, glorious person we find when we shed away the layers of concerns and tap into the creative self! VSG members see and experience miracles every session and want to share those miracles with others around the world. Come join us, come play, come heal and most of all come for that moment to recharge. We hope you too will stay around and spread the message, as you, like many of us, become that message!  Kathy Moghadas, RN, CLRM, CHBC, CHCC, CPC President and CFO of Victory Support Group 
Our Visions